People encouraged to keep greenhouses clean

Although greenhouses offer a suitable alternative to the garden for growing plants in the colder months, owners should ensure that they are kept clean, it has been stated.

Writing a blog for Gardeners World, Pippa Greenwood highlights that not only will cleaning greenhouse glazing improve the look of the building, but will also support plants in their growth.

She explained: "Importantly, more light will reach the seedlings and plants inside.

"At this time of year natural light levels tend to be fairly low and days are still pretty short, so a boost in light levels helps to prevent seedlings from becoming leggy."

Ms Greenwood added that greenhouse owners would be best served to wet the glass first, which may help to dislodge any of the most dried-on algae.

Meanwhile, individuals are also warned that they should avoid products including soaps as they could cause contamination.

Vine weevil, whitefly and spider mites are among the most constant pests to trouble greenhouses and especially thrive in warmer conditions.

As part of the cleaning process, people should also remove rotting leaves and dead plants, alongside dealing with the glazing.