Penn State to launch community garden

Penn State University Sustainable Agriculture Club is set to open the universitys first community garden.

All 98 plots in the community garden, which wont open until April, have already been spoken for, according to the Daily Collegien.

The gardens will allow students and locals to grow their own food and is part of a growing trend that is developing, according to group member Jackie Yenerall.

"Its gaining popularity all over," she told the newspaper.

"Were interested in creating a place where people can come together as a community and be more in touch with their food system.

"Not a lot of students, including those in agriculture-related majors, have hands-on experience."

Those with gardens can grow their own fruit and vegetables with relatively little overheads and adding a greenhouse can boost production and variety.

The financial downturn and a renewed focus on the environment has made food cultivation a popular pastime again, with community gardens popping up around the country.