Peat extraction to cease at Bolton Fell Moss

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts may be aware of how much peat mining can damage the environment.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) recently revealed that one of the UKs leading compost manufacturers has agreed to phase out its peat mining activities in Cumbrias Bolton Fell Moss.

As part of a deal with Natural England, William Sinclair will wind down its activities over the next three years in exchange for an initial compensation payment of £9 million.

Peat has been commercially extracted from the lowland raised bog for more than 50 years, but the company will now work towards returning it to a natural habitat.

Natural England already has a precedent for this type of behaviour, having previously bought the extraction rights of Scott UK for its Wedholme Flow, Thorne Moor and Hatfield Moor sites.

As well as damaging natural habitat for wildlife, mining unlocks the carbon stored in the peat, increasing the UKs carbon footprint.

Meanwhile, the RHS recently published tips for June gardening, which can be found in the calendar section of its website.