Peat compost phase out proposed

A high-profile politician has called for the gradual phase out of peat-based garden compost.

At present, amateur gardeners are responsible for around 70 per cent of the UKs peat compost consumption, but environment secretary Hilary Benn hopes to stop garden centres selling it within the next decade.

He explained that the proposal is based around the environmental impact of extracting peat from lowland raised bogs.

Aside from the carbon footprint left by such activities, removing the peat disrupts ecosystems and harms wildlife.

Mr Benn plans to encourage gardeners to use peat-free alternatives by educating them about the environmental impact of their actions.

Peat extraction is responsible for almost half a million tonnes of CO2 per annum, although this figure does not take into consideration the fact that around half of the peat used in the UK is imported.

In other news, the Healthy London Living website has teamed up with Grown For You to provide gardeners in the capital with tips on cultivating their own food.