Patchwork patterns for gardening

Horticulturalists keen to create a striking look in their garden may be tempted to adopt a unique style of planting recommended by allotment owner Elspeth Thompson.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, she explains that her piece of land "never looked prettier" than when she planted all her salad greens in a series of small square beds in a grid formation.

"The contrasting colours and textures of the different leaves… formed a pattern as pleasing as any patchwork," Ms Thompson notes.

She states that the idea works best if gardeners are able to look down on their "living, growing patchwork" from above, such as from a balcony.

Ms Thompson used plants such as Lollo Rosse, mizuna, spinach and rocket in her creation, but notes that she has seen gardeners make use of other flora such as flowering plants to great effect.

The Guardians allotment blog identifies leeks as a five-star allotment plant, noting it to be easy to grow providing the soil is sufficiently fertile.