Pale flowers bring a garden to life at dusk

According to Daily Mail columnist and former BBC Gardeners’ World presenter Nigel Colborn, flowers with hot tones look fabulous in the daytime, but in twilight they “darken and disappear”.

Pale varieties, however, can look wishy-washy in direct sunlight, but slowly “come remarkably to life” as it starts to fade, he added.

Care must be taken when placing them too, he continued, with the best location for them being near to the seating area in an outside space.

“White lilies such as Lilium speciosum are good for distant viewing and you might find these ready potted and on sale,” the expert explained. “A pale, potted hydrangea would work, too.”

Choosing plants that emit a pleasant evening fragrance is also an option, Mr Colborn went on, with heliotrope and white summer jasmine two of the best varieties on the market