Oregon garden and greenhouse fans given food growing advice

Oregon garden and greenhouse fans who are just starting out with growing their own food have been given some advice.

The Oregon State University (OSU) Extension Service can be useful for picking up hints and tips on cultivating fresh produce, Illinois-Valley-News.com revealed.

OSU horticulturalist Gail Langellotto gave the online resource some advice to pass onto its readers, including where to site your vegetable garden.

The Master Gardener programme coordinator explained that it is important to allow the plot at least eight hours of sunshine.

A soil test is also important to help the gardener understand what might be missing from the ground in their garden.

The results can allow growers to treat the soil so that it is more hospitable to fruit and vegetable plants.

Lasagne mulching is a good idea for improving soil conditions and involves adding a layer of overlapping cardboard, topped with compost and finally between six and eight inches of mulch made from leaves and grass clippings.

Meanwhile, the Bellevue Reporter recently revealed that Washington gardeners can get tips on growing a salad garden at an event this Saturday (March 13th) in Molbaks Nursery, Woodinville.