One in four kitchens left unattended

A quarter of Britons leave their kitchen unattended while cooking a meal, it has emerged.

Research conducted by insurer esure shows that one in four consumers has run out on their cooking in order to check a recipe on the television.

But doing so could prove dangerous, as one in ten have injured themselves in the process.

A third of such injuries were incurred after slipping on peelings or liquid spills, esure adds.

In light of the news, some people might opt for a kitchen extension to give them a little more room to manoeuvre.

Building a kitchen extension could also provide the necessary space to have a television in the kitchen.

This too could reduce slips and trips, as 80 per cent of respondents said they cannot see a screen when cooking – leading them to dash to their lounge to double-check ingredients and recipe steps.

According to esure, its home insurance policies cover all areas used for domestic purposes, including summer houses.