Older gardeners should band together

Older Americans have been given some money-saving tips to help them cope with the cost-cutting measures being implemented by the government in response to the recent financial downturn.

According to USNews.com, group gardening can be an excellent way to look after the pennies, as it shares the cost, effort and benefits between a number of people.

The online resource explained that it can be tough to grow vegetables and herbs in the garden or greenhouse unless you have a particular talent for horticulture.

It is much easier to grow things with a group of friends or neighbours, where knowledge can be pooled to boost the chances of success.

It is possible to plant in larger quantities when gardening as a group, allowing pensioners to benefit from economies of scale.

"Decide which of you has the best yard space," the website advised. "Someone buys the seeds, someone else the nutrients, any tools, and so forth. Divvy up the tending duty. Turn a money-saving activity into a social event."

Meanwhile, LoHud.com has given gardeners in the Lower Hudson area of New York state some advice on keeping busy this week.