Obamas garden an inspiration

Michelle Obamas kitchen garden is spurring Americans into taking up growing as a healthy pastime, a news website has suggested

Detnews.com pointed out the first ladys South Lawn venture is the first at the White House since Eleanor Roosevelts Victory Garden during World War II and said it had coincided with an increased interest in growing your own fruit and veg across the country.

The 1,100 sq ft plot is filled with 55 varieties of organic food, with some of the produce already being used in the presidents kitchen, the online resource reported.

"Oakleaf lettuce, red romaine, speckled lettuce and fennel and were billed on a White House menu in late April and fresh thyme has been served as a garnish for fish," it said.

The article advised readers to look for evidence of the trend for growing fruit and veg in the aisles of their local greenhouse or nursery.

Mrs Obama has been quick to establish her garden after her husband was sworn in as president in January.