Obama to give out growing tips on Sesame Street

The countrys first lady is set to appear on the popular kids TV show to distribute tips on growing food in the garden and greenhouse.

Michelle Obama – wife of president Barack Obama – is to feature on Sesame Street later this year.

The green-fingered personality will appear on November 10th as the show enters its 40th season.

Earlier this year, Mrs Obama broke ground on the White Houses vegetable plot for the first time since Eleanor Roosevelts victory garden in World War II.

She will tell kids across the US that seeds need sun, soil and water to grow, before encouraging them to eat healthy foods by saying they will "grow up to be big and strong" if they do.

"I know youre going to like these vegetables, because in addition to being healthy, they really taste great," Mrs Obama will say.

Other stars set to appear in the new series include Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria-Parker and NBA player Kobe Bryant.

Meanwhile, the first lady recently told Prevention magazine that she keeps her figure by eating in moderation.