Number one garden and greenhouse disease revealed

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts may have been bothered by a number of troublesome plant diseases over the past year, but none more so than the honey fungus.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), this was the biggest problem to affect the countrys growers during 2009.

It worked this out through the number of enquiries received by its members during 2009 and also collated a list of the top five diseases afflicting UK plants.

Others included fungal leaf spots, which trouble a wide range of plants and are caused by fungi.

Hellebores, roses and primulas are among the most commonly-affected species and often suffer from the rose black spot strain.

Powdery mildews are also problematic and caused by fungi, which leave a white, dusty coating on leaves, flowers and stems.

Meanwhile, the RHS has issued some advice on the use of potting composts, which have been linked to Legionnaires disease.

The organisation revealed that the risk is very low and that the illness is more commonly associated with standing water.