NS&I encourages fitness gardening

As the Olympic Games approach their climax, Brits are being encouraged to get out and get themselves fit.

But rather than go pounding the streets jogging or splashing about in the swimming pool, NS&I is recommending that UK citizens get into their gardens and keep fit by giving them a good going over.

Head of communications Tim Mack explained that gardening can be a great way of keeping healthy.

"Gardening is great for peoples health and fitness," he explained.

"Weeding, digging and sowing all count as moderate exercise.

"In fact, gardening for an hour will burn more than 300 calories.

"And an added bonus of gardening is the positive effect that it can have on peoples financial fitness."

And Mr Mack may well have something there.

With the average family spending £750 per year on food and the average gym membership costing £540 per year if paid monthly, growing a little food in the garden or greenhouse could help the bank balance as well as keeping you healthy.