No radiators needed with modern glass

Modern glazing units offer thermal insulation which eliminates the need for radiators to be fitted, it has been suggested.

Writing for industry publication Building, Peter Caplehorn explains that homeowners have in the past placed radiators near windows to replace the heat lost through the glass.

But he notes: "Improving insulation values for walls and glazing means there is little point in putting them under windows."

His comments could prove of interest to Britons planning to install a conservatory but who have been concerned of how they might heat the interior.

Guidance resource Conservatories Online points out that fixed radiators, if installed in a conservatory, increase the planning restrictions faced by the homeowner.

Heating units placed in such a structure must be controllable separately from the central heating of the home, Conservatories Online asserts.

But as a conservatory should also be separated from the main house by a door, many homeowners might opt not to heat the structure at all in light of the improved thermal performance of modern glazing.