No need to move when you can build a conservatory

Homeowners who want to upgrade to a bigger property in order to have more space should first consider building a conservatory instead.

As the credit crunch bites and the property market continues its downward spiral, it is becoming extremely difficult for people to sell their home and buy a new one.

An increasing number of consumers are choosing to carry out home improvements on their properties as this will give them the extra space they need, while also adding value to their potential sale price when they do want to put the house on the market.

Of these home improvements, conservatories are one of the most popular ways of upping your property price – which can add up to 15 per cent to the price of your home.

The Daily Record reports that an added incentive is that industry experts feel conservatories are cheaper now than they were a decade ago.

While you might think that a conservatory only comes into its own during the summer months, they are actually great places to relax or entertain all year round.

According to the newspaper, before choosing your conservatory, you should spend time thinking about what design might best suit your house – whether that is a white finish, a wood-grain, mahogany or oak finish.

The windows however are the most important feature of a conservatory and can make it look particularly striking depending on what you choose.