Nine-year-old scoops award at Westminster in Bloom

A record 150 gardeners entered this years Westminster in Bloom competition – 55 years after its inception.

Among the winners entrants was nine-year-old Holly Heywood from Bayswater who scooped the Green Corners award.

The Conservation Foundation-sponsored award honours those who have created "secret gardens".

"I am really proud to achieve something as big as this and to get a prize from the Lord Mayor," Holly said.

"My family and friends are really proud of me. I enjoyed looking after the garden arranging the flowers to make the garden look pretty."

The awards are a chance to applaud the hundreds of gardeners who use their greenhouses and green spaces to make Westminster beautiful.

Other entries this year included an historical church garden, balconies overflowing with flowers and community gardens in schools, pubs and community centres.

Cllr Audrey Lewis, cabinet member for customers and neighbourhoods, said: "The annual Westminster in Bloom competition draws on the talents of individuals and groups in Westminster giving them an opportunity to play a vital role in the visual transformation of the borough."