NHF predicts house price rises across England

After a turbulent two years for homeowners, some may be wondering whether it is best to move now or improve their current property.

Building a conservatory or similar space-adding modification should boost the value of a home by five per cent, according to ratedpeople.com.

Furthermore, the National Housing Federation (NHF) has predicted house prices will rise across England during the next five years.

It suggested average values in London, the south-east and south-west will remain the highest at £354,900, £293,600 and £225,400 respectively by 2014.

However, residences in the east of the country will not be far behind, with typical values of around £235,400.

Those in the north-east of the country are set to be worth approximately £155,700, while the north-west will be slightly more expensive at £159,300.

Yorkshire and Humberside residents can expect to pay £175,600 for an average home, with those in East and West Midlands being worth £165,300 and £180,500 respectively, according to NHF.

The bodys chief executive David Orr expressed his desire to see the government build more properties to keep values down for first-time buyers.