NG Bailey builds new intelligent-glass building

Building services provider NG Bailey is in the unique position of building its own headquarters at Strathclyde Park in Scotland.

With green building and business practices very much en vogue, the company has decided to introduce a number of eco-friendly measures to the design including the clever use of glass to insulate the building.

The energy saving techniques, including free cooling, could save the company up to £50,000 per year.

Solaris house will have an exterior wall made almost completely of photovoltaic glass to help generate electricity and rainwater will be harvested to help grow plants around the building.

The buildings fountain will be powered by the massive foyer photovoltaic window, which will also offer a bit of panache to the design.

Glass has become a viable building block for modern buildings and those looking to spruce up their home may look to include it in any improvement work.