Newspaper notes trend for edible growing

A trend for edible gardening has emerged this year, it has been asserted.

The Monterey County Mercury has reported a number of garden centre bosses noting the surge in interest for food seeds and seedlings.

It suggests a combination of money saving, the influence of Michelle Obama and a greener way of thinking may be behind the fashion for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs.

"I cant keep the stuff in stock," Ken Griggs, owner of Griggs Nursery, told the newspaper. "Were selling more vegetables this year than ever."

The publication explained heirloom varieties are currently selling well, with many first-time gardeners trying their hand at growing food.

First lady Michelle Obama started her own kitchen garden a few weeks ago – and workers at Bokay Nursery in Salinas explained they have been "inundated" with enquiries ever since.

It recently emerged in the UKs Sun newspaper that pop star Britney Spears has taken up gardening as a form of therapy.