New website gives growing tips for Londoners

A new website has been set up to provide Londoners with a range of information on how best to maintain their wellbeing.

Healthy London Living was founded by Lesley Cohen and includes information on courses, events, recipes, healthy products and much more.

However, garden and greenhouse fans may pay particular attention after the website announced a partnership with online produce retailer Grown For You.

The firm is set to provide a range of gardening tips on how to cultivate fruit and vegetables in the capital.

General manager Nick Coumbe explained that Londoners can be eating their own food whether they own a garden, greenhouse or simply a sunny windowsill.

"Were delighted to be able to team up with this new website and show just how easy it is to plant and tend your very own fruit and veg," he said.

The expert added that food grown at home is often the freshest people will ever taste.

In other news, those wishing to grow roses may be interested in a new book on the subject, which has touted as being infused with humour and culinary expertise.