New scheme good for teaching people about gardening

Taking part in a London-based scheme provides the perfect opportunity for people to teach others about gardening – from greenhouses to flower pots, it has been suggested.

A new programme is ideal for people to teach others about gardening, it has been claimed.

Elderly London residents who are unable to care for their greenhouses or outdoor space adequately can sign up to the Garden Partners scheme, which has been launched by Wandsworth council and Age Concern.

Volunteers help people care for their plants and flowers – something 42-year-old Ruth Joad decided to do while studying a horticultural qualification.

She told how she has been working with Diane Stewart, aged 60, and although they are very different, they are getting on well.

Ms Joad said: "She doesnt know much about gardening, so hopefully I can teach her a little as we go along."

As well as planting salad and other vegetables in pots, they have also been growing lavender because Ms Joad works part-time as an aromatherapist.

Commenting on the scheme Graham MacKenzie from NHS Wandsworth said he highly recommends the scheme for anyone who is interested in gardening or wants to be more active.