New plant shown at Hampton Court is "attractive"

A hybrid of the American Coreopsis plant is "attractive" and was shown off this week at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

Editor in chief of the Royal Horticultural Societys Encyclopedia of Perennials Graham Rice, in his post for the groups blog, said the Rum Punch was an "unusual shade" and looks as though it will suit both borders and containers.

He described it as "superb", with a long succession of flower and "thread-like" foliage.

It might be nice for those who want to cultivate something a bit different in their greenhouse.

"The plant changes colour as it ages so the result is an attractive tapestry of amber, lemon, rose and mainly watermelon," Mr Rice added.

Also mentioned were the larger specimens on show from Plantagogo, which displayed a range of heucheras and, out of view, a tiarella the company is selling at the event – but one that is apparently a year away from being placed on the exhibit.

The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show runs until July 12th.