New gardening site launched

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts across America now have a new online community to help them practice their pastime.

The recently launched is aimed at helping horticulture lovers connect with likeminded individuals across the nation.

As well as gardening tips, the online resource provides a social network for growers to discuss issues related to their passion.

It offers a forum for users to organise exchanges, donations and sales of plants – meaning those who produce more than they need do not have to see it go to waste.

Commenting, co-founder Phillip Rickett suggested the site was more than just about picking up hints on horticulture.

"Not only is it our goal to allow gardeners a forum to exchange gardening knowledge, but also equally important is the extension of the life and enjoyment of plants made possible by the exchange," he said.

Mr Rickett added the online resource will allow those passionate about growing to help boost the countrys green credentials.

In other news, a new watering can – the U Can – has been released, with the manufacturer claiming it "minimises mess and enhances convenience".