New dawn for conservatories

With an extra room adding up to £30,000 to the asking price of a property, a good sized conservatory can pay for itself.

Done correctly, a conservatory can add value, comfort and style to the home. The days of the standard issue, dull conservatory are now gone, with glazed rooms being available in all shapes and sizes, with or without frames.

Yes, times have moved away from the poor quality, draughty Victorian and Edwardian conservatories of old and Zig Chowdry explains.

"These conservatories are too cold in winter and too hot in summer as well as being so bright that people spend even more money on blinds.

"Its completely stupid. They have bought a really cheap conservatory and then have to spend a fortune correcting its inherent design faults."

Modern conservatories can be designed to allow specific levels of light and heat in and are also much better at retaining heat in the winter.

Frameless conservatories are en vogue at the moment and as house prices hit rock bottom, those looking to stay at home while looking for extra space may consider the benefits of installing one.