New composting head appointed

Just months after changing its name from the Composting Association, the Association for Organics Recycling has appointed a new chairman.

After taking over from outgoing head Peter Mills, Charlie Trousdell explained that the organisation would become more political in 2009.

"My job is to make sure we are representing our members interests, make sure the association keeps up with the industry and fight the organic recyclers cause," he said.

"We have a raised awareness of the necessity to be more political as we represent our members needs in an emerging industry."

The TJ Composting managing director officially took over from New Earth Solutions commercial director Peter Mills at the associations annual conference on January 27th.

The Royal Horticultural Society suggests that "composting kitchen and garden waste will produce a free, environmentally friendly source of organic matter" that can be used to fertilise plants in the garden and greenhouse.

Everything from plant waste to cardboard can be composted, with naturally-occurring micro organisms breaking down the raw materials.