Natural shapes could be suitable for conservatory interior

When designing a bespoke conservatory, there can be a lot to think about – from materials and costs, to layout and shape.

One area homeowners are likely to want to spend time thinking about is what interior theme to opt for.

If this is the case, the following trend alert from Ideal Home might prove to be invaluable.

According to the magazine, natural shapes for furniture and fittings are very popular – and are likely to be for quite some time.

Not only should bespoke conservatory designers look out for objects like shapely vases, rippled tableware and twiggy woven materials to furnish their extension, they should also keep an eye open for leafy bronze ware and honeycomb textiles.

"Designers are taking their lead from nature this season, recreating the organic shapes and contrasting textures found in the natural world," the publication stated.

This might be a particularly fitting design to choose for conservatories as it is a further way of brining the outdoors inside the home.