Museum allows gardeners to view scientists at work

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts with a scientific interest in horticulture may be interested in an opportunity afforded by the Natural History Museum.

The attractions plant scientists are reportedly allowing members of the public to watch them as they work in the new Darwin Centre.

Interested gardeners will be able to pose questions to the workers using two-way microphones as they study different species in the facility, which opened on September 15th.

The centre has three million varieties of flora, many of which will be on display throughout the year.

Attractions include 50 giant plants, as well as virtual documents containing information on specimens recorded over the last four centuries.

One interesting exhibit is the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary – discovered in the 1600s and originally thought to be a cross between and animal and a plant, it was later found to be a rhizome of the Cibotium barometz fern.

The Natural History Museum is located in London near Hyde Park, the Royal Albert Hall and adjacent to the Victoria and Albert Museum.