Much kitchen waste can be composted

A large portion of waste from the kitchen can be used in compost heaps, it has been noted.

The Times notes that dead houseplants, cut flowers that are past their best, vegetable peelings, broken eggshells, old coffee grounds and used tea will all break down to form good-quality compost.

It is suggested that other kinds of waste, such as fish scraps and meat bones, should not be added to a compost bin as they could well attract vermin such as flies and rats.

"Small quantities of egg boxes, cardboard packaging, paper and tissues are also ideal, though it is a good idea to shred or tear these materials up and soak them in water before mixing them into the heap," the article concludes.

Online resource Garden Organic states that around 40 per cent of the average contents of a dustbin are suitable for home composting, noting that the finished product is rich, crumbly and sweet smelling.