More children encouraged to get in the garden

Experts at the National Trust in Wales believe that more children should be encouraged to spend time in the garden to help stimulate and relax them, greenhouse enthusiasts might be interested to hear.

Children are spending less time outdoors than they used to and there are concerns that children could develop nature deficit disorder (NDD).

Dr Kate Bullen, head of psychology at Aberystwyth University, said that boys in particular thrive when learning outside.

“There is no doubt that children do benefit from playing outdoors. They are learning a variety of different skills in a relaxed environment,” she added.

The National Trust is setting up a Wild Child programme aimed at encouraging five-to-12 year olds get closer to nature.

National Trust outdoor activity learning officer Lee Duggan said the programme was a vehicle for children to rediscover the excitement of being outdoors.

The National Trust is a charity which protects many heritage sites in the UK.

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