Monty Don: compost makes best fertiliser

Former Gardeners World host Monty Don has advised gardeners to look no further than the end of their garden for compost.

The 53-year-old writer explained that compost can be made from more than just the standard garden waste.

In an article in the Daily Mail recently, Don explained that household waste such as food scraps, paper and even old socks can be used in composting.

He said that homemade compost is the "very best fertiliser and soil conditioner bar none", and that "a little trouble and a little understanding of the process will pay dividends".

The Royal Horticultural Society advises that compost heaps should comprise of between 25 per cent and 50 per cent nitrogen-rich materials.

Woody brown carbon-rich material such as prunings, paper and cardboard should make up the rest.

"Home composting is the most environmentally-friendly way of dealing with this material and produces a material that is superb as a mulch and soil improver," it says.