Monty Don: Attract creatures with a pond

Greenhouse enthusiasts can create a haven for wildlife by installing a pond in their outside space, it has been suggested.

In an article for the Daily Mail, TV gardener Monty Don said now is a good time to start building one, ready for planting around it in April.

A pond should ideally be placed somewhere it will be exposed to lots of sunshine, he revealed, adding: "As a rule of thumb, the pond should receive direct sunlight for at least half the day to encourage good growth in your plants."

To form the base of the structure, it is worth investing in a thick butyl liner, Don added, as they stretch and are very tough.

The expert went on to state that growing wildflowers around the pond will attract all sorts of insects and butterflies.

In a recent article for the same publication, Constance Craig Smith said gardeners should consider adding lime green plants to their outside space as the shade will "stop you in your tracks".