Michelle Obama’s Vegetable Patch

The US Government shutdown has claimed its latest victim: Michelle Obama’s fabled kitchen garden. The vegetable patch has sprouted with weeds and plants are weighed down by unpicked vegetables. The kitchen garden supplies the First Family with fresh fruit and vegetables for their nightly meals.

According to the Obama Foodorama blog, the chronicle of the culinary activities of the White House, the shutdown has caused all but a skeleton staff to be available. Gardeners are only allowed to take out trash and water plants.

Under the rules of the shutdown, only “essential” work can be undertaken – meaning that they aren’t allowed to fend off garden pests, rake up leaves or clear way moulding produce. There are reports of increased squirrel activity and it is believed a fox has taken up residence in the garden.

The First Lady’s plans for an autumn harvest party for local children have now been cancelled.

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