Medieval methods help Keighley gardening enthusiasts

Medieval methods have helped a group of gardeners from Keighley in West Yorkshire to grow their vegetables more effectively, according to reports.

The Cellar Project has seen gardening experts and locals who suffer from mental health problems team up to use manure to create a hotbed that makes growing easy and faster.

Despite having been around for hundreds of years as a growing technique, the gardening tip has proven its worth again in Keighley where the project has seen a range of vegetables develop strongly.

"The radishes are harvested first – they grow very quickly – and then that allows room for the lettuce and carrots to develop," veteran horticulturalist Jack First told the Keighley News.

"They are sitting on a goldmine of nutrients," he added.

Meanwhile, the Bracken Bank area of Keighley has seen a local community group use a £500 grant from Bradford and Bingley to spruce up their streets with a newly-planted floral arrangement.