Media station uses garden for example

Arizona media station ABC15 has planted its own vegetable patch and is using it to provide tips for local garden and greenhouse enthusiasts.

It has enlisted the help of Harpers Nurseries’ Jay Harper, who is assisting the station in growing its produce and also providing advice for those following its progress.

The expert suggested that there are a number of things for the station’s growers to busy themselves with this week, based on the evidence he has seen in the ABC15 garden.

Some of the leaves on the plants have been turning yellow of late, which is often a sign of over watering.

To combat the problem, Mr Harper suggested cutting watering down to once every two days and eventually once every three days.

He also suggested that now is a great time to re-fertilise by using organic all-purpose fertiliser once per month.

Meanwhile, it is also wise to look out for pests and use Dipel Dust on the plants if they are eating their way into them.

In other news, Crunch Gear recently revealed that Japanese gardeners are being given the chance to obtain personalised advice through a new electronic device that monitors conditions and gives feedback.