May horticulture tips

Horticulture lovers have been given some garden and greenhouse tips for the month of May.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) published the list of advice, which should keep growers busy as summer approaches.

While temperatures and weather patterns will vary between regions, the organisation suggested that growers keep on top of their weeding duties to help their new plants establish themselves.

It is still important to protect more tender species against any late frosts, although warm weather gardening activities such as mowing the lawn should be stepped up.

Those who own greenhouses should be sure to open the vents and doors on hot days to allow air to circulate, while growers planning to clip their hedges should make sure there are no birds nesting in them first.

With an increasing emphasis on being environmentally friendly, it may also be a good idea to research water recycling techniques.

Rainwater can be collected and used for irrigation, while other types of domestic water can also be put to good use.

Gardeners looking for inspiration could head to one of the numerous RHS events taking place over the coming months, such as the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in July.