Master gardener: More people growing food

A master gardener has commented on the popularity of using the garden and greenhouse to produce food.

Pat Munts told the Spokesman that she has noticed a large rise in the number of people growing their own fruit, vegetables and herbs, which she said can only be a good thing.

Furthermore, the expert suggested that the motivation behind this shifting trend was not simply economical.

Ms Munts claimed that people now want to eat food that tastes better, has not travelled hundreds of miles to get to the plate and was not sustained by using pesticides.

She added that interest in plots in community gardens is up and encouraged anyone thinking about growing their own food to look into this method if they do not have a garden or greenhouse of their own.

The Spokane-based expert explained that there are various sites throughout the town where would-be gardeners can practice their art.

The popularity of gardening may have been boosted by the actions of first lady Michelle Obama, who founded a kitchen garden at the White House last year.