Massachusetts gardeners given winter tips

Harbor Garden Centre owner Tim Lamprey has been giving Massachusetts horticulture fans some tips for preparing for winter.

Writing in the local newspaper Daily News, Mr Lamprey explained that there are still garden and greenhouse tasks to be done, despite sub-zero temperatures creeping in.

Firstly, garden tools should be cleaned before they are stored in the greenhouse or shed for winter. This will keep them from rusting over the colder months and ensure they are ready to go when needed.

The expert suggested draining garden hoses to prevent them from freezing and bursting, while gardeners should also carefully clean their lawn mower after removing the wire from the spark plug.

"The end of the garden season does not mean the end of your chores," Mr Lamprey said.

"If you do not prepare your gardening tools for winter, come spring, you can wind up with a lot of damage that can be expensive to repair."

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