Marketing director: conservatories are a prudent investment

The marketing director of the company that supplied a conservatory as top prize for a newspaper competition has advised homeowners that investing in a glazed extension could be more prudent than investing in a traditional extension.

Frank Saunders, of EYG, said that in these uncertain times, the less expensive conservatory option can be just as effective and cost less.

"We wanted to emphasise to readers that in these difficult economic times, it is wise to consider adding a conservatory to a house rather than a bricks and mortar extension, which is generally much more costly," he said.

"Todays conservatories, with their quality build standards, temperature controls and eco-glass, provide a cost-effective alternative to increasing the familys habitable space."

Mr Saunders employers provided the Peterborough Evening Telegraph with a £10,000 conservatory as a prize in its competition – a competition won by mother-of-four Jane Schofield.

According to the newspaper, Ms Schofield jumped for joy after hearing she had beaten 500 other entrants to the prize.

Modern conservatories offer a cosy place to relax and are free of all the draught and heat-retention problems that cursed their ancestors.