March herb garden hints

Longer, warmer days in March provide gardening enthusiasts with greater opportunities to spend time in their herbs, whether they are in gardens or greenhouses, it has been asserted.

Online resource Garden Organic explains that large clumps of perennial herbs such as chives, mint, thyme, marjoram and lovage should be divided and suggests planting sweet flag in a muddy or damp area near the garden pond.

Also, cuttings taken last autumn – such as Balm of Gilead and scented geraniums – should be checked on and have growing tips pinched out if they are becoming "long and leggy".

The site suggests that hyssop, sage, thyme and lemon balm – which can be used in a variety of different culinary dishes – are perfect for harvesting in March.

Online tourist board VisitBritain suggests that horticulturalists eager to gain an insight into the historic and cultural significance of established herb gardens may well be tempted to visit sites such as the Royal Horticultural Society Wisley Gardens in Surrey.