Many ways to hone gardening skills

Those looking to hone their garden and greenhouse skill have been told that there are many ways to do so.

According to the St Helen Star, would-be growers can attend a variety of free workshops run by master gardeners, which often take place during the growing seasons.

Furthermore, those who prefer to learn from books can access a wide range of how-to publications from nurseries and bookstores.

The news provider particularly recommends Sunsets Western Garden Book and the California Master Gardener Handbook for those living in the Golden State.

Horticulture lovers should do their research before diving in to any purchases as such practices can become "unintentionally expensive", the newspaper added.

Consulting experts and avoiding impulse buying can not only help save money, but allow growers to take a more holistic approach to their garden, giving it a theme, rather than simply a mishmash of products that were bought individually.

Meanwhile, Pioneer Local has suggested that now is the time to start planning a kitchen garden.