Manchesters Indoor Forest

A climate change expert is helping to launch a new initiative turning an abandoned factory into an indoor forest, to give deprived families better access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Vincent Walsh believes an inner city warehouse is the perfect venue for this exciting project. During this time of falling wages and soaring food bills, Walsh is aiming to help families grow food in tower blocks, apartments and under used spaces.

Aided by a substantial share of a £1m lottery grant, his factory, located in a top secret location in Salford, is currently being used an experimental centre for this project – filled with growing equipment and lines of exotic fruit and vegetables.

Vincent says this is a great opportunity to research way how other derelict spaces can be used to help re-invigorate communities by creating self sustaining gardens;

The Government has endorsed the project, naming it one of the “50 Big Ideas for the Future” and has now won further funding, and Vincent is trying to convince developers and architects to include growing spaces – such as rooftop greenhouses to future projects.

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Author: Robert Smith

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