Manchester set for new forest

Garden and greenhouse owners in and around Manchester may be pleased to hear that the air might soon be a little cleaner.

This is thanks to a plan to spend millions of pounds transforming a large area of post-industrial wasteland into a wooded area that the local community can enjoy.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, the Northwest Regional Development Agency is set to spend £4.9 million redeveloping Moston Brook into a public woodland haven.

The proposal to develop the 71-hectare site is just part of the organisations £59 million Newlands partnership with the Forestry Commission, which aims to carry out similar work all over the north-west of England.

It is hoped that the work will put an end to the antisocial behaviour that has blighted the area in recent times, as well as create a pleasant and tranquil place for Mancurians to enjoy.

The Newlands project is also working at sites such as Belfield, Brickfields, Town Lane, Brockholes and Bidston Moss.