Make the most of winter as garden planning time

Winter often sees many garden and greenhouse owners idle because the cold weather restricts them from carrying out their usual activities.

However, it has been suggested that they make the most of the quiet time to think hard about their plot and what they want to do with it in the coming year.

DIY Matters claimed the winter downtime is perfect for planning a garden overhaul, noting that the bare and empty state the space is in at the moment makes it easier to visualise the changes.

Using simple shapes can create a "strong and elegant" look, while structuring the design correctly can help make everything from that point on slightly easier.

Growers should use the winter to get a head start on weeds by using weed fabric to help stifle them before they even appear.

Now is also a good time to browse catalogues for new ornaments and plants, which the firm said can make all the difference to a garden, injecting new life and giving it an interesting new angle.

Meanwhile, growers in Wales will soon be able to make the most of an offer from the Royal Botanic Garden of Wales, which is granting free entry all January.