Make the most of the wetness with composting

It may be dull and gloomy outside and look a little unlike summer, but homeowners have been reminded that wet weather is great for home composting.

According to the Recycle Now campaign, the wet weather helps gardens grow at a quicker rate, which means there is more precious garden waste to put in your compost bin.

The campaign is urging people to compost more and has brought in a range of compost bins at a discounted rate of £17 to entice customers.

The Westmoreland Gazette reports that an expert at Recycle Now Campaign said people should have "no problem" filling their compost bin up with garden waste thanks to the weather.

Garden waste does not just have to be limited to cuttings from the garden, but you can also put kitchen waste such as cereal boxes and fruit and vegetable peelings into the compost bin.

If you mix the two types of waste, you will end up with a free and nutritious fertiliser within the next nine months to a year.

David Smith from the campaign told the newspaper: "In fact, if you already have a compost bin it may be reaching its capacity during this peak growing time, so with bins available from £17 there has never been a better time to consider a second bin."