Make gardens safe for wildlife too

Gardens should be beautiful, relaxing spaces where residents can unwind after a hard day, but more importantly, they should be safe places.

This does not only ring true for humans, with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) asking that gardeners make themselves aware of what could potentially harm wildlife such as birds, reptiles and hedgehogs.

RSPB head of wildlife enquiries Val Osborne explained that people can often avoid situations that could harm animals without too much effort.

"Try not to trim hedges until late into the summer as many birds are late nesters and are still raising their young even now," she advised in the Daily Telegraph.

"When you do need to cut your lawn or bushes just be careful and check overgrown areas for any signs of wildlife."

She even suggests that the net around fat balls should be removed prior to being left out for the birds as they can cause harm.

Taking these steps should help make the garden more eco-friendly and encourage a pleasant array of wildlife to make the area their home.