Make cash from garden and greenhouse

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to use their passion to keep the pennies rolling in, it has been suggested.

With finding and keeping a job difficult at the moment, Associated Content has suggested that those with an interest in horticulture take it to the next level.

It said that such people can earn cash by operating a stall at a farmers market, whether once a week or at different locations every few days.

Those in the city stand to profit most as they have a larger potential customer base, the online resource suggested.

It revealed that it is possible to get a discount on gardening supplies in some places with a wholesaler licence, so it may be worthwhile researching where to source these from.

Furthermore, those planning to sell their own produce should ensure their stall is well set out, with fresh, clean fruit and veg, as well as a sturdy table and chalkboard featuring the prices of your products.

Meanwhile, the Daily Camera has suggested that those gardening at altitude or whose green space has recently been covered in snow should do a post-melt check-up of their plants.