Maintaining Your Garden With Minimal Effort

It’s nice to have a well-kept garden. Not only can gardening be a fun and rewarding hobby but there is nothing nicer in summer than having your own pleasant outdoor space for relaxation or spending time with friends and family.

Some people feel they don’t have the time to maintain a garden but this doesn’t have to be a labour-intensive process. If you arrange your garden in the right way it can provide you with an attractive outdoor space with little maintenance required.

Paths and Patios

Paved areas don’t require maintenance barring perhaps a very occasional clean to keep them looking their best. Patios provide you with a practical seating space for relaxation and dining while eliminating maintenance from a section of your garden. Decking can serve a similar purpose. A network of paths can cleverly cut down on the area that needs mowing or weeding without looking like you are deliberately following a low-maintenance route.


Low-Maintenance Plants

If you don’t want to completely eliminate plant life from your garden, there are a whole host of plants around that can be kept with little effort. These can even include colourful flowers or simply attractive and interesting forms of greenery. Plants that will survive through winter and spring back into life next year will also save you the trouble of replanting. Ask your local garden centre for plants that fit the bill. Factors to look for include lack of pruning and little or no need for watering. Small evergreen firs and bushes can also provide pleasant, natural features for your garden with a minimum of effort.



A lush, beautiful lawn provides a neat, tidy and very pleasant look to a garden. Many of the most beautiful gardens around are covered in large part by simple grass. If you do not already have a lawn, then it will initially require the effort of planting or of laying down turf. Once that is done, then keeping a neat lawn is as simple as running a lawnmower over it now and again. Lawns are also more resistant to neglect than plants. If you fail to mow your lawn as regularly as usual during a particularly busy period, your lawn will just get a little untidy. The next time you mow, this will be easily sorted out. This is in stark contrast to forgetting to water sensitive plants which might kill them off.

Garden Ornaments

If you want your garden to look a bit fancier and more visually interesting with no extra maintenance at all, ornaments are the way to go. This could take the form of simple statues, interesting garden furniture or if you don’t mind a little bit of maintenance a water feature. This will help to make your garden significantly more attractive and varied, without requiring constant attention or threatening to die on you if they get neglected.