Maine greenhouse owners urged to grow their own

A Maine newspaper has championed the case for growing your own food in the garden or greenhouse rather than relying on shop-bought fruit and vegetables imported from other states or abroad.

According to the Free Press Georgeanne Davis, salad leaves picked fresh from the garden often taste much better than the ones she eats in winter, which are bought at a store and shipped in from California on the other side of the US.

The writer quoted energy investment banker Matthew Simmons, who told the Island Institutes Sustainable Island Living Conference that an end should be brought to global food and that eating locally sourced grub could solve numerous problems.

He explained that fuel scarcity in the future would make it impracticable to transport food around the world.

Ms Davis added that growers in Maine can extend their harvest season by using cold frames, which shelter plants from the elements and hungry animals.

A greenhouse is also an option for those who wish to fill their belies with food that they have grown themselves.

Maine horticulture lovers might enjoy a trip to Costal Maine Botanical Gardens, which is soon to host a Winter Wonderland Holiday Tea event.