Lyric Theatre to open roof garden

The Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith is renowned for its acting performances, but it will be talent of a different kind on display above the stage from Thursday (June 11th).

A new community garden – designed by landscape artists Adam White and Andre Davies – will be opened on the roof of the auditorium, giving locals space to grow flowers, fruit, veg and herbs.

Joint-funded by the theatre, local businesses and Marks & Spencer, the green space was reportedly developed from a sketch on a paper napkin.

It is the brainchild of the theatre and environmental charity Groundwork London.

"This project is at the heart of what Groundwork does, which is to green up inner city spaces and make places vibrant and safer places for communities to live in," explained Mr White.

He added the space to grow things could be an "invaluable" asset in built up areas.

Lyric Theatre executive director Jessica Hepburn added the garden should provide a place for everyone in Hammersmith to enjoy at all times.

Gardeners checking out the new addition might want to attend the venues Bloomin Marvellous Summer Party, which takes place on July 11th.