Low-maintenance landscaping increasingly popular

Many people who are short on time are opting for low-maintenance flora and landscaping in their properties, it has been asserted.

Industry commentator Gerald Vander Pyl makes his comments in online resource the Calgary Herald, noting that this habit is particularly prevalent with people who have second homes.

He explains that this allows such individuals to make the most of their holiday property without having to spend a considerable amount of time carrying out gardening maintenance when they arrive for a relaxing break.

Landscaping expert Linda Heidt tells the publication: "They want to be able to go hiking, then go to dinner — just have a relaxing lifestyle. They dont want to have to take care of or pay someone to take care of (their garden)."

Meanwhile, NovaNewsNow.com recently featured an article which urged gardeners to consider the placement of their flora before planting it and not give in to the urge to purchase a shrub that is in bloom and plant it without any forethought in the middle of their lawn.